Züri Pioneer

The GIS and Geoinformatics Lab is a yearly course in the Geomatics Degree at ETH Zurich. In groups of three students, a mobile application is developed as the goal of the course. The result of our group is a location-based mobile game named Züri Pioneer which is based on content of Open Data Zurich. The uprising of PokemonGo! has drawn public attention to location-based games. However, PokemonGo remains relatively simple in terms of game principles as well as in its interaction with real-world objects. We aim to take the principles of successful location-based games one step further and add a complex set of rules based on popular board games such as the “Settler of Catan”. In the course of implementing the game principles, we came across two JavaScript APIs: Google Maps API and ArcGIS JS API. A preliminary version of our app works with the Google Maps API, our final version though takes advantage of the ArcGIS JS API where data is hosted on ArcGIS Online.

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