Demo Web Apps with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (3D)

More information about C-Through can be found on the ArcGIS Blogpost.

Demo Applications are used to show the features of the most recent release of the ArcGIS JS API in terms of displaying, filtering, retreiving and visualizing 3D content that is hosted on ArcGIS Portal. Moreover, those applications aim to make sense of the displayed data by enriching it with statistics and charts that are corresponding to the retrieved data. In the course of a 3-month internship, a series of demo web application have been implemented that have also been show cased at DevSummit in March 2017. The main applications that resulted from the internship were the following:

  • c-through: Demo application that visualizes and filters data according to user preferences and makes it possible to select specific buildings for further investigation. Charts and statistics are available according to selection and filtering. This application was implemented for Zurich, parts of Vancouver and Hongkong and a smaller site in Dubai.
  • fore-c: Demo Application specifically for the city of Zurich where two future scenarios have been compared to each other according to an outcome of a political vote that considers a change of a planning law concerning ground floor usage restrictions for certain areas.