Cesium vs. ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Ever since I started using 3D Mapping APIs, I always wondered why there is no comparison between the two most advanced and best-known of those APIs or Virtual Globes: Cesium and ArcGIS API for JavaScript. So for the Cartography Lab which is a class in my masters I came up with the idea of making such a comparison from the users/developers perspective. I implemented the exact same application - a 3D settlement development animation of the city of Zurich - with both APIs and reported along the way what helped me (developer resources), what worked for me and what did not.

Both applications can be explored here. Also, the code for those apps can be found on GitHub. Additionally, I wrote a report that summarizes my findings. After I posted this on LinkedIn, it became very obvious that this comparison is of great interest for the Geocommunity as over 13'000 people have viewed it all around the world. I would like to thank the Institute for Cartography and Geoinformation, especially Raimund Schnürer for the great collaboration and support, as well as the city of Zurich for providing this amazing dataset.